I’m Karl Richter, the president of the Richter Consulting Group, and it’s my pleasure to explain my passion for this field and how that can translate into results for your organization.

Results are what drive our business.  I want to partner with your organization to define measurable outcomes at the start of a project. Let’s work together to increase sales, reduce errors, or prevent violations. Let’s identify the behaviors we want and use that to lead the design for your project.

Let’s not spend money and time developing presentations, quizzes, and interactions to help your users meet the learning objectives.  Objectives are important, of course, but knowing material is only half the battle.  Doing is the goal.

Let’s identify the actions we want to see so that we can create a training environment that gives your audience the chance to change their behaviors. I can work with my team to create a training program that will help you meet these goals.

The best training is clear. It’s concise. It is based on what researchers know about the way we process, store, and retain new information. It gives you the chance to practice, repeat, and review new information. It is NOT based on the latest learning trends, nor is it built around the newest technology on the block.

Technology gives us opportunities we never had for learning. I am a big believer in having mobile access to new material, particularly when it’s something you can access just as you need it. I’ve seen what eLearning can do to speed up onboarding processes, and give users a flexible, cost-effective way to practice new material. However, it’s not the love of the tool that leads us to adopt one technology over another.  It’s about the results.

Contact us if you’d like to discuss the details of your project. We’d love to work with you.